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Review 9.7

Triage #5 (of 5) Review

The conclusion to Triage #5 is finally here! Join Phillip Sevy as he tells the trio of Elvie, Marco, and Orbit in their fight against The Hunter. Victories come at a cost. Come check out the Major Spoilers Review of Triage #5 by Dark Horse Comics.

Review 8.3

Triage #3 (of 5) Review

Evie, Marco and Orbit are three versions of the same person from different realities trying to save themselves from Hunter. Find out if they survive in Triage #3 by Dark Horse Comics!

Review 8.0

Triage #2 Review

Evie Pierce have found herself face to face with herself from two other dimensions. Will this trio be able to figure out what is going on and why they are hunted? Find out in Triage #2 by Dark Horse Comics!

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #390: Phillip Sevy

One of the very best writer/artists in comics today is back for Episode 390!  Phillip Sevy, the creator of Paradox as well as the artist on The Freeze and The House, has a new five-part miniseries coming out from Dark Horse in September called Triage.

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The Freeze #1 Review

I have always thought comics are the perfect way to tell a good sci-fi story. I mean, you have an unlimited special effects budget, and you are only limited by the imagination of the creative team.

As a perfect example, along comes The Freeze, which has a fascinating premise while looking at things from a human perspective.

Image Comics The Freeze

The Freeze will strike in December

Writer Dan Wickline (30 Days of Night, SHADOWHAWK) and artist Phillip Sevy (Tomb Raider, THE TITHE) team up for THE FREEZE, an all-new science fiction series coming this December from Image/Top Cow.

Dark Horse Comics Tomb Raider: Inferno #3 Review

Tomb Raider: Inferno #3

We join Lara at a pivotal moment where she faces up to her own past and her personal demons even as she descends deeper and deeper into the Temple of Eden in Tomb Raider: Inferno #3 from Dark Horse Comics.


Major Spoilers Podcast #783: The Galactus Trilogy (1966)

The First Family of Comics takes center stage this week, as they take on Galactus and his friend, Harold. Plus, strange things are afoot at DC Comics (or are they?), your favorite burger joint, Motor Crush Vol. 2, Usagi Yojimbo: The Hidden #4, Hawkman #1, and Tomb Raider: Inferno #1 all go under the microscope.

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