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Review 8.0

New Talent Showcase 2018 #1 Review

Breaking into comics is hard, and some publishers set up programs to help them uncover new talent. DC Comics, publisher of some of the greatest superheroes in the world, has such a program, and once a year they give space to the creators of tomorrow who made it.

Review Low Road West #3 Review 7.0

Low Road West #3 Review

The gang have been split in two, with Amir going through a diary from 1875 he’s found in the spooky Hollow House, his friends have a confrontation with a menacing group of armed me intent on finding Amir, so he can pay for the sins of his dead brother.  All that and Emma facing alien strangeness in Copper Sky feature in Low Road West #3.

Review 7.7

Planet of the Apes: The Time of Man #1 Review

The apes rule the world, long live the apes! Discover stories from the continuity of both the original Planet of the Apes movies, as well as the new reboots in this collection Planet of the Apes: The Time of Man, a one-shot out from BOOM Studios.

Boom Studios Low Road West #1 Review

Low Road West #1 Review

One of the very best writers in comics today is Phillip Kennedy Johnson. I love his Scout Comics’ title Smoke Town and have read several graphic novels he’s written. They are all great, with excellent storytelling and surprises!

Now he’s got a new miniseries out from BOOM! Studios, and I’m completely fascinated by what he has in mind for these characters!

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