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The Amazing Spider-Man #3
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If the title has you intrigued, I guess you’ll want to know a bit more about the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man #3.

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Once again, I must apologize for being late with this column. I was in Kansas City for Planet Comicon, which I enjoyed greatly, but con crud caught up with me as I was heaving 40-pound boxes in the bitter cold. I was doomed! Since then, however, Marvel has yet again decided to give their books another new start.

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The first time the Spider-Men met, there were two universes in play. This time, that’s still true…  Your Major Spoilers review of Spider-Men II #5 awaits!

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When Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #300 arrives on shelves in February, fans will notice it is much heftier than the rest of books.

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Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man

Marvel released another batch of cover images, creators and titles that are coming our way in the fall.

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Poll of the Week
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With yet another Spider-Man movie arriving in theaters, we realize that we’ve seen Peter Parker grow up over the last 55 years. Interestingly, depending on the medium, we get tales of everyone’s Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man at various ages in his life. Which brings us to this week’s Major Spoilers Poll of the Week. VOTE!

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We’ve got hyphens and capital letters in the right place, and we’re about to find out how amazing Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1 is… or isn’t… in our ever friendly discussion.

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As reported here at on Thursday, Marvel’s throwing a party and inviting you to attend!

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FeatureFeaturedMajor SpoilersRandom Access Memory

IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! Rand is back to share his fond memories of decades of comic collecting and reading in this month’s Random Access Memory. Author’s Note: Random Access Memory is me looking back at the specific comics that shaped my life. Each month I go back in time – in five year intervals – to examine key comics that came out those months. (The idea is that after five years of monthly columns, I will have covered an entire lifetime – in this case, fifty years – of reading comics.) I also list all the comics I read that

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I’ve been looking for a really great Spider-Man figure to add to my figure, and thanks to Sideshow Collectibles, Peter Parker and Spider-Man may be the figures I’ve been looking for.

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In an interview with Empire Magazine director of the upcoming Spider-Man movie for Sony Pictures Jon Watts revealed the age of this incarnation of Peter Parker. Watts stated, “I love the idea of making a coming-of-age high-school movie. We’re really going to see Peter Parker in high school and get deeper into that side of it. He’s just 15 now.” Watts also went on to comment on Spidey’s origin, or the lack thereof, “There are only so many times you can kill Uncle Ben.” Given that actor Tom Holland is 19-years-old this announcement from Watts makes a lot of sense.

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Press Release This June, not even the Amazing Spider-Man is safe from the Secret Wars – and neither are you True Believers! Prepare for a seismic Spidey story the likes of which has to be read to be believed in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #1 – a new Secret Wars series! Blockbuster creators Dan Slott and Adam Kubert pull out all the stops on this next evolutionary step for Peter Parker.

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Valentine’s Day is almost here and in honour of a holiday celebrating love, here’s a list of couples in love from comics we love. Major Spoilers presents you with Top 5 Comic Book Couples!

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