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Detective Comics #1015 Review

Mister Freeze has been one of those low-level baddies that Batman would face from time to time. He was just a cold-hearted villain, but he didn’t amount to much… that was, at least, until Batman: The Animated Series. Wow, did he get an excellent fleshing out by Paul Dini!

Now Mr. Freeze is one of the characters I’m most interested in, particularly when he shows up in Detective Comics #1015 from DC Comics. The current storyline is very engaging, and I love what’s going on with him.

Review Detective Comics #1007 Review 8.7

Detective Comics #1007 Review

DC has been reviving several of their established characters and groups, such as the Legion of Super-Heroes to Young Justice. The latest storyline in Detective Comics has focused on the Dark Knight and the Spectre “working” together. And it has been great!

Review Detective Comics #1002 7.3

Detective Comics #1002 Review

Peppered with arrows, trapped under the boot of a fearsome new foe and surrounded by police packing heat and onlookers with camera-phones, it seems the Arkham Knight has Batman where he wants him.  Does he?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review of Detective Comics #1002!

DC Detective Comics, Batman, Dr. Hugo Strange, Mister Miracle, Alfred, Peter Tomasi, Doug Mahnke, 1000, Dark Knight, 9.0

Detective Comics #997 Review

Peter Tomasi and company are looking at the Dark Knight’s life by sending someone to kill those who know him best—including past allies.

Review Detective Comics #994 Review 7.0

Detective Comics #994 Review

The Caped Crusader, scourge of all criminals, finds himself face to face with the corpses of his parents, decades after their murder.  Who has gone to such lengths to remind Bruce Wayne of the tragedy that changed his life?  And what are their macabre plans?  Find out in Detective Comics #994!


Adventures of the Super Sons #1 Review

Ever wonder how the sons of two of the greatest heroes in the DC Universe plan to spend their summer? Video games? Vacations? Discussing the gravimetric effects of a Dyson sphere on the surrounding environment as it travels through a solar system? Probably not. They spend it drinking sugary drinks and fighting crime! Adventures of the Super Sons #1 is out now from DC Comics, let’s check it out.

DC Super Sons #16 Review

Super-Sons #16 (of 16) Review

They… are the Super-Sons!  They’ll always save the day!  And if you think they can’t, well…  this is the final issue, so let’s hope you’re wrong.  Your Major Spoilers review of Super-Sons #16 awaits!

DC Superman #44 Review

Superman #44 Review

It am easy to understand none of the dialogue in this issue, Faithless Spoilerisms.  Me am not certain of it… 


Super Sons #5 Review

Their first mission led to success, but also to grounding.  Will Jon and Damian ever…

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