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Archie Comics Archie Comics #699

[Preview] Archie #699

Before Archie #700 arrives, catch up on the entire storyline in this week’s Archie #699. We have a sneak peek of the issue that will set you back only $1.00.

DC Red Hood and The Outlaws #26 Review

Red Hood and The Outlaws #26 Review

His family is splintered, but Jason Todd is determined not to let that stop him. On the trail of a new crime organization, the Red Hood steps out on his own, while part of his adopted family find themselves in a peculiar situation. Part 1 of the new storyline, Outlaw, begins here in Red Hood and the Outlaws #26, from DC Comics.

DC Justice League #40 Review

Justice League #40 Review

Leagues collide, and sides are taken!  Will Batman’s quirky Justice League Of America be able to hold up to the sheer power of the big guns in Superman’s Justice League? 

Archie Comics Archie #20

[Preview] Archie #20

Something major is about to happen in Archie Comics. This week, the Over the Edge arc kicks off in Archie #20 and we have a sneak peek.

Archie Comics

[Preview] Archie #18

Archie Comics sent us a very early look at Archie #18 by Mark Waid and new artist Pete Woods. Take the jump for a look at the issue that arrives in stores in March!

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