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Love is strange, Faithful Spoilerites, and nowhere is that more true than the monstery corners of the DC Universe.  Your Major Spoilers review of Young Monsters In Love #1 awaits!

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Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica
Archie ComicsDCHarley QuinnPaul Dini

Over the years, Archie Comics have crossed over with some major properties – Punisher, Predator, KISS. Now the kids of Riverdale are about to meet villains from Gotham City in Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica.

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BatmanDCFeaturedReviewWarner Bros.

When I was a kid, I bought a reel-to-reel tape recorder for the express purpose of recording music from the cartoons I watched on the TV. I played those recordings again and again, until the tape wore out. I’ve missed that music!

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BatmanDCFeaturedJokerPaul DiniReviewVertigo

Batman is a character that works regardless what kind of story you’re telling. Sci-fi? Sure! Horror? Of course! Mystery? You bet! Now a hardcover original graphic novel arrived this week that shows he even works in a “real” tale of struggle and redemption.

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BatmanDCPaul DiniSolicitations

I love, love, love Paul Dini. The Batman scribe and co-creator of Batman: The Animated Series has an autobiography arriving next year that gives us all a look at his personal life, and the night he was brutally beaten by strangers.

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Action FiguresBatmancomic conventionDCKevin SmithPaul Dinisan diegosan Diego Comic ConSDCCVideo

If you have seen the new “giant-sized” Batman: The Animated Series figures, you know that you want to get them all. The new commercial is a bit over the top, but stick around for the end for a big surprise.

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BatmanDCFeaturedHarley QuinnRetro ReviewReview

Younger readers may find it hard to believe, but Harley Quinn hasn’t been a part of the Joker’s world for very long.  In fact, her first DCU appearance is barely fifteen years old, not even old enough to get into a rated-R movie.  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Batman: Harley Quinn #1 awaits!

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DC All Access is back with an all-new episode featuring the biggest announcements, the most exciting guests, and the liveliest fans from the world of DC Entertainment. This week, Tiffany and Blair look at the just announced Batman: The Animated Series action figures. Plus, we talk with some of our favorite creators, discuss some of this week’s comics and give you another chance to win a trip to San Diego Comic-Con® 2014!

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BatmanDetective ComicsDueling Review PodcastFeaturedMajor Spoilers PodcastPodcast

Detective Comics is 900 issues old – it’s just too bad DC rebooted the universe and we have to review Detective Comics Volume 2 issue #27.

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The movie of the summer for me will be Man of Steel, and I can’t wait until it swoops into theaters on June 11. I think the commercials look awesome! (I did enjoy Iron Man 3, by the way!) Word has it that Henry Cavill will appear in the upcoming Justice League film, so if Man of Steel is a big success, maybe Superman can help launch the long-desired JL movie. Since we have some time to consider how to move forward, what’s the best thing to do? Fortunately, I have a few ideas…

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If you look in the Guinness World Record under “Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever”, you’ll find Batman: Arkham Asylum.  Batman: Arkham City is the follow up game coming out this fall, and to tie the two games together, DC Comics has enlisted Pual Dini to pen a six-issue mini-series.

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DCPaul DiniSneak PeekZatanna

DC Comics released a sneak peek of Paul Dini and Cliff Chiang’s Zatanna #8 that features the title character experiencing Pupaphobia…

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