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Sneak Peek G.I. JOE #9


IDW Publishing sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of G.I. JOE #9 from Paul Allor and Chris Evenhuis that arrives in stores on Wednesday.

Business G.I. JOe #7

IDW Publishing and Hasbro raise awareness for veteran mental health with G.I. JOE comic book series

To bring attention to the serious issues facing the heroes who have served our country, IDW and Hasbro have teamed up during September’s National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month with promotions timed to coincide with The Governor’s Challenge to Prevent Suicide Among Service Members, Veterans, and their Families, sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Review G.I. Joe #6 Review 8.3

G.I. Joe #6 Review

Rebellion can be difficult when your friends work for the evil overlords.  Your Major Spoilers review of G.I. Joe #6 from IDW Publishing awaits!

Review G.I. Joe #2 Review 8.3

G.I. Joe #2 Review

Cobra is now in command.  Duke is dead.  Can new recruit Tiger help the Joe team pull it all together?  Your Major Spoilers review of G.I. Joe #2 awaits!

Review IDW, Samurai Jack, Justice League of America, Big Brooz, bear trap, SNAP, Lost Worlds, Paul Allor, Adam Bryce Thomas, Christa Miesner, David Mariotte 8.3

Samurai Jack: Lost Worlds #3 Review

I always wondered why comics weren’t coming out with more adventures with Samurai Jack. After all, he wandered the future for a long time, and I doubted that every challenge he faced was included in the animated series.

Turns out I was right. In Samurai Jack: Lost Worlds, each issue has a complete story with Jack, and the books are very true to the show.


Star Trek: Voyager returns … to comics

IDW Publishing has announced a new Star Trek series – Star Trek: Voyager: Mirrors and Smoke, the first in a series of one-shots sending the crew of the Voyager into the mirror universe.

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