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Just in time for the new Tranformers movie, we’re ready to fill your brains with knowledge about Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots! We’re joined by special guest Matthew Peterson (@mightyKingCobra) co-host of the Major Spoilers podcast to teach us all about the greatest bot of the Transformers!  So sit back and enjoy as Ashley and Jason begin their geek history lesson. You might learn something. Enter your Mind University!

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Press Release In celebration of the TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Big Game trailer, Hasbro and Amazon have teamed up to offer the first official merchandise inspired by the movie. The “TRANSFORMERS Headquarters Shop” is now live on in the U.S. featuring the first action figure available for purchase from Hasbro’s new TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION action figure line.

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Major SpoilersQuestion Of The Day

When I was in college,  working in college radio, I was always aware of, if not necessarily impressed by, the new, hip music.  The recent live-blogging of the Grammy awards by people interested (and people intent on making sure we knew they were *NOT* interested) underlined for me how much that is no longer true, with a parade of names and people of whom I’ve heard, but couldn’t pick out of a lineup to save my ‘Howard The Duck’ collection.  Based on the limited amount of information I have, I expect that I might enjoy Daft Punk, but have never

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With the new Transformers movie just around the corner, Hasbro has unveiled the first figure in the action figure line… of course it is Optimus Prime.

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With Transformers 4 now in full swing, it’s time to check out the changes to Optimus Prime and take a gander at two new Autobots joining the fray.

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Opt Prime Voyager
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With the summer release of Transformers: Dark of the Moon coming soon it’s only natural that Hasbro focused most of its Transformers presentation on it. While most of the movie figures are merely updates of what fans have seen from the previous two film’s toy lines, Hasbro did have a few tricks up their sleeves.

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artArt Appreciation Moment of the DayTransformers

Haven’t featured much in the way of mechanical subjects in the Art Appreciation Moment of the Day. It’s time to fix that with this rendition of Optimus Prime as envisioned by Tim Kelly.

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IDW PublishingPress ReleaseTransformers

The TRANSFORMERS enter a new and incredible era as IDW launches its inaugural ongoing comic series, expanding the company’s already impressive collection of TRANSFORMERS comics. Under license from Hasbro, The TRANSFORMERS starts off with two huge events – the death of IRONHIDE and subsequent resignation of OPTIMUS PRIME, the heroic leader of the AUTOBOTS.

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