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COMICS PORTAL: Is ‘DC Universe’ the Future of Comics?

I always like to tell the story of a friend of mine who, discouraged that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was leaving the airwaves, felt we should be paying for each show we like so that we can continue to get new episodes even though networks had given up on them.

Turns out he may have been way, way ahead of his time, although it turns out channels may work better than specific programs.

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COMICS PORTAL: To Slab or Not to Slab

Collecting comics went to an all-new level when it became possible to “slab” a comic, especially after it’s been autographed! (I use the term “slab” so I don’t focus on either of the big companies, CGC or CBCS.)

There are good and bad elements to getting a comic slabbed. Let me elaborate!

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