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DCFinal CrisisMartian ManhunterReview

Or – “The Green Man Has Gone Away…” J’onn J’onzz of Ma’aleca’andra, aka John Jones, aka Marco Xavier.  The character who, arguably, really represents the beginning of the Silver Age at DC.  Invisible, super-strong, super-speed, telepathic, intangible, shape-shifting hero with laser vision.  The heart and soul of the Justice League in many of it’s incarnations, a cornerstone of the DC Universe…  The Martian Manhunter is dead.  Long live the Martian Manhunter!

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DCLegion of Super HeroesReview

Or – “Shvaughn?  Is That You?” My new manager Deon (who is wrong only half as often as Tom Grice, but only about 1/3 as pretty) and I got to talking the other day about the work of Jim Shooter, a writer whose work bounces all over the spectrum.  For every Harbinger, Rai, or ‘Adventure Comics’-era Legion, there is a ‘Hank Pym punches Janet’ moment, a ‘Shadow State,’ or “MORE GORE FOR THE ORG!!!”  Whichever Jim Shooter you get writes tightly plotted yarns with nice character bits, but the overall effect of the writing varies wildly, as anyone who ever

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Iron FistMarvelReview

Or – “Round Seven!  FIGHT!!!!” It’s all been building up to this…  The Prince of Orphans!  The Daughters of The Dragon!  Lei Kung’s Secret Army!  Dog Brother #1!  The Tiger’s Beautiful Daughter!  The Hordes of Hydra!  The Bride of Nine Spiders! Luke “Sweet Christmas!” Cage!  Fat Cobra!  And that Iron Fist kid… Know this, dear friends:  Heads will be BUSTED.

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DCReviewTeen Titans

Or – “It’s Always The Cute Ones…” Megan Morse, also known as Miss Martian, has been something of an enigma among the Junior Justice League. Introduced during the “One Year Later” gap caused by 52, she has been pleasant, funny, bright and generally nice to be around. So, naturally, she’s a stone killer in disguise. Ever since it was revealed that she’s NOT one of J’onn J’onnz’ peaceful green Martians, but comes from the vicious line of white Martians, I’ve waited for her to grow fangs and try to eat people. After interacting with her own future self, and getting

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