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Sneak Peek Rick and Morty #49

Rick and Morty #49

Ah, gee, Rick… the new season of Rick and Morty isn’t here yet, but at least we have Rick and Morty #49 from Oni Press to look at this week.

Sneak Peek Morning in America #2

[Preview] Morning in America #2

The Sick Sisters know there’s something wrong in their small town of Tucker, Ohio and they are going to do something about it in Morning in America #2 from Oni Press.

Review The Long Con #8 Review 9.0

The Long Con #8

I suppose, when you think about it, there is huge potential there. I am so happy they’ve dived into this head first and taken us with them on this crazy journey.

Review Sang, Ed Brisson, Oni Press, Black Eyed Betties, Vexxed, Old Man Logan, Cable, Alessandro Micelli, Takashi Miike, film, Don Minchella, Marvel, 8.7

The Ballad of Sang OGN Review

Ed Brisson caught my attention with The Mantle, a unique take on superheroes. I find it fun to explore the world-building imagination of such a writer, and that leads me to the collected edition of his book The Ballad of Sang, just released from Oni Press.

Sneak Peek Kaijumax Season 4 #5

[Preview] Kaijumax Season 4 #5

Kaijumax guard Jin-Wook Jeong’s low-level smog-smuggling gig has gone sour, and he begins scrambling to extricate himself in this week’s Kaijumax Season 4 #5 from Oni Press.

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