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Sneak Peek Kim Reaper: Vampire Island #4

[Preview] Kim Reaper: Vampire Island #4

Becka, Charlie and Tyler are going on a mission to rescue Kim from the second layer of Hell, no big deal. Sure, no big deal…There’s more to be found in this week’s Kim Reaper: Vampire Island #4 from Oni Press.

Sneak Peek Invader ZIM #37

[Preview] Invader ZIM #37

When Dib wakes up one morning to find ZIM inside his house, eating breakfast with his family, he’s confused. We are, too. Check out this sneak peek of Invader ZIM #37 from Oni Press.

Sneak Peek Shadow Roads #5

[Preview] Shadow Roads #5

Can’t get enough from Cullen Bunn? You’re in luck this week as Shadow Roads #5 from Cullen Bunn, Biran Hurtt, and A.C. Zamudio arrives in stores from Oni Press.

Sneak Peek Kaijumax Season 4, #3

[Preview] Kaijumax Season 4, #3

When you’re a malevolent ancient entity from beyond the stars and people keep bossing you around, it can be frustrating! Which is why you should check out this sneak peek of Kaijumax Season 4, #3 from Oni Press.

Sneak Peek Spectacle #10

[Preview] Spectacle #10

All good things must come to an end. In this issue, Kat fears the power of dreams, and the nature of the circus changes forever. Check out this sneak peek of Spectacle #10 from Oni Press.

Sneak Peek Drawn to Sex

[Preview] Drawn to Sex

This week, Oni Press releases Drawn to Sex from Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan, who are going to answer all of your questions about sex! GASP!

Sneak Peek

[Preview] Rick and Morty #43

While we continue to wait for the next season of Rick and Morty to arrive, we at least can keep ourselves entertained with Rick and Morty #43 from Oni Press.

Review 9.7

The Long Con #4 Review

The post-apocalyptic world of The Long Con has it all – in-fighting; badges; celebrities of all stripes; zombies – can Dez and Victor dodge all this to get to Hall C? Find out in this Major Spoilers review of The Long Con #4 from Oni Press.

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