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Or – “What Ms. Watson Had To Say…” Well, Faithful Spoilerites, this is the one you’ve all been waiting for.  Ever since the advent of the Brand New Day, we’ve wondered what it was tha Mary Jane whispered to Mephisto, and exactly what DID happen with the Parker/Watson wedding back in the day.  This is the story of “One Moment In Time,” and Whitney Houston is demanding her royalties, folks…

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Marvel has released another sneak peek for the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man #638 (a.k.a. One Moment in Time Part 1) written by Joe Quesada with art by Paolo Rivera.

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One Moment in Time kicks off in Amazing Spider-Man #638, arriving July 21, 2010.  Written by Joe Quesada with art by Paola Manuel Rivera and Quesada, the issue tells us what really happened at the wedding of Spider-Man and Mary Jane.

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