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Forget those shuffling zombies of today, the real zombies were shuffling and killing off major civilizations centuries ago.  Zombie Omega tells the tale in The Minions of Ka. The 128-page graphic novel titled The Minions of Ka, focuses on the Great London Fire of 1666. For hundreds of years, the Catholic Church has used the power of the undead to spread fear among heretics and non-believers. Now, in the late 17th century, the Church has their sights set on the throne of Charles II. An unnamed warrior for hire finds himself caught between the Church and the English Monarchy in

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Image ComicsSpawnTodd McFarlane

This November, The Adventures of Spawn will wrap up the Awaking War storyline written by Jonathan David Goff and illustrated by Khary Randolph. In ADVENTURES OF SPAWN, Al Simmons, now known as Spawn X, teams up with fellow heroes Omega and Redeemer in the never-ending battle against the forces of Darkness and its vicious leader, Mammon! While ADVENTURES OF SPAWN made its debut online as SPAWN.COM’s very first web comic to coincide with McFarlane Toys’ own toy line (Spawn: Series 30 & 32), this one-shot is the only place to read the story’s conclusion in its entirety. The 48-page one-shot

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MoviesParamount Pictures

Variety is reporting this morning that Paramount Pictures has acquired the rights to Harbinger from Valiant Comics. The live-action adaptation may be directed by Brett Ratner. Created by Jim Shooter, the “Harbinger” comicbook series became a hit when published in the 1990s. Harbingers are humans with powers that can be unlocked by “omega” harbingers. Teenager Pete Stanchek finds himself on a collision course with an older “omega” who used his gifts to become an evil industrialist. Ratner was last seen directing Rush Hour 3, and has at least three other films he is working on before Harbinger. via Variety

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