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LEGO has developed the largest model ever made in Latin America for the Rio 2016 Summer Games. Take the jump for a slew of videos showing off the model of Rio de Janeiro in detail.

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What happens when a kid writes a Doctor Who script in a BBC contest? Let’s just say the Doctor and Amy won’t be blinking much in this three minute short.

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Even with the opening weekend of the Olympics, fans still flocked to theaters to see Warner Bros. Dark Knight.  While Pineapple Express came in a close second, the Chris Nolan flick brought in an additional $26 million over the weekend.  This brings the grand total to $441.5 million, meaning the Batman film has passed Shrek 2 to become the third highest domestic grosser of all time. If that has you sitting up and taking notice, get ready for a major head trip – by this time next week, The Dark Knight should bring in enough money to pass Star Wars

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