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Boom StudiosCthulhuReview

The turn What started out as a spooky tale of the last days of Atlantis, turned to a political thriller pitting brother against brother.  As issue #3 of Boom! Studios’ Fall of Cthulhu: Nemesis arrives, readers are once again treated to a spooky tale – this time with monsters.

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Boom StudiosCthulhu

Boom! Studios has let Major Spoilers know that its time to rumble as the old gods and man get ready for the Apocalypse. “FALL OF CTHLHU: APOCALYPSE is what we’ve all been waiting for,” said FALL OF CTHULTHU series writer Michael Alan Nelson.  “This is the final showdown between ALL of our characters, great, small, and unseen.  If you’ve been itching for some full-on divine smackdowns coupled with violent descents into irreparable madness, then you won’t want to miss APOCALYPSE.” The first issue arrives in November. via Boom! Studios

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