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In Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse #4 the mini heroes take to Atlantis by way of a Lagoon to discover a treehouse that Aqualad and Lagoon Boy know is hidden there.

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IDW Publishing

IDW Publishing has announced it is bringing Starstruck back to store shelves.  If the cover is any indication, this could be a highly sought after series. Set in a far-flung and very alternative future, Starstruck chronicles the lives and relationships of Elaine Lee’s characters from her play of the same name. The sometimes dark, often hilarious, and always surprising Starstruck is a visually stunning tale in which the offspring of two powerful houses vie for wealth and dominance in a newly free, but completely anarchic universe. First printed in Heavy Metal and as a Marvel epic series, then a Dark

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Because we’ve already read Countdown: Arena Wow.  If DC gets any more screwed up with its timeline, we’re going to need some kind of crisis to fix…it… all… well crap.  Here then is another title that is set in the current fiasco of the DC Universe, that attempts to expand the timeline, but only succeeds in causing the continuity junkies to freak out.  For those into villains, this issue delivers as Sean McKeever returns  us to the Dark Side Club.

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