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The Old Man Logan story continues int he pages of Wolverine, and has done well enough to sell out multiple times.  Marvel has announced Wolverine #66 is heading back for a third printing, while Wolverine #67 will get a second printing treatment. Hawkeye may be blind but he’s still just as dangerous as he was 50 some odd years ago. Logan claims he’s broken and Clint is doing all he can to get him to pop the claws. What will it take to “un-break” his spirit? Curious to where the Spider-Buggy came from? Be sure to check out Wolverine #67

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IDW Publishing has announced a new werewolf mini-series to be written and illustrated by 30 Days of Night Ben Templesmith.    Welcome to Hoxford tells the tale of Raymond Delgado, an inmate at the Hoxford Correctional Facility and Mental Institution.  Strange things are afoot when Dr. Jessica Ainley can’t get access to her patients and begins to dive deeper into the goings on at the institution. “It’s odd,” said Templesmith. “But the whole reason this book exists is because my work has been banned from a few prisons. I’m told it’s among the darkest work I’ve ever done, and I don’t

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Do we really need another zombie tale set in the Marvel Universe? According to Fred Van Lente, the answer is yes. In the next installment, one of the zombies escapes from zombie world and stumbles into Marvel 616 territory, thus making Marvel Zombies an in continuity title. “Marvel Zombies 3” will focus on a different group of zombies than Kirkman and Phillips’ books. “This is partly because ‘MZ3’ is set in a very specific period of ‘MZ’ continuity,” Van Lente explained. “For fear of giving away too much, I’m going to tell you when, exactly. But let’s just say the

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Variety is reporting Platinum Studios, Top Cow Productions, and Arclight Films are teaming up to bring Top Cow’s popular character Witchblade to the big screen. As odd as the team up sounds, here’s how it breaks down: Marc Silvestri and Matt Hawkins of Top Cow and Rich Marincle of Platinum Studios will serve as executive producers Gary Hamilton and Nigel Odell from Arclight, and Scot Mitchell Rosenberg of Platinum Studios will produce The film will more than likely shoot in Australia beginning in September According to the article no director, star, or writer have been attached With hundreds of issues

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