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ContestCosplayFrom the EditorMajor Spoilers

One more reminder on the Major Spoilers Costume Contest. IMPORTANT NOTICE: We had a problem with the Major Spoilers Email System.  If you did not receive a response to your entry PLEASE RESUBMIT YOUR ENTRY to CONTEST@MAJORSPOILERS.COM RIGHT AWAY! All the details of the contest after the jump.

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ContestFrom the EditorHellboyMajor Spoilers

For the 2nd Annual Major Spoilers Costume Contest, Major Spoilers went all out to get two great prizes for the big winner – the Hellboy Animated Maquette, and the Library edition of the the first volume of Hellboy.  Both of these great prizes, and all you have to do is dress up in your comic book (and related) costume and snap a few pictures of yourself. Here are the rules: Dress up in your favorite comic book costume Take several pictures of yourself in costume Take at least one picture of yourself in your street clothes Send those pictures to

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Forget those shuffling zombies of today, the real zombies were shuffling and killing off major civilizations centuries ago.  Zombie Omega tells the tale in The Minions of Ka. The 128-page graphic novel titled The Minions of Ka, focuses on the Great London Fire of 1666. For hundreds of years, the Catholic Church has used the power of the undead to spread fear among heretics and non-believers. Now, in the late 17th century, the Church has their sights set on the throne of Charles II. An unnamed warrior for hire finds himself caught between the Church and the English Monarchy in

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