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It’s pretty obvious that we are big fans of Dustin Nguyen’s artwork, and we’ve even featured his Lil’Batman sketches on the site before.  DC Entertainment must also like the look as as they are allowing Dustin and writer Derek Fridolfs team for a two two-page shorts spotlighting Lil’Gotham in the Detective Comics and Batman Annuals. Take the jump for the full image and more information!

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I loved Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and apparently so did everyone else, as a sequel is in the works.  With all the things going on in Dr. Horrible’s life, we may not see much of him in the new DVD, but we will see a lot of other characters from the Evil League of Evil.  And that’s where you come in! The rumblings you’ve been hearing in the criminal underground since July indeed are true: At long last, we are seeking new applicants to the League.1 Aspirants to new heights of Evil should submit an application video that meets the

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