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I’m pretty sure we’ve run the images from Mattel’s DC Universe Collection wave 9 before, but we’re running them again, simply because I find the Chemo collect and connect figure so fascinating.  I’ve had a devil of a time with the entire collect and connect series, as I don’t think I’ve been able to complete a single figure – THANKS TARGET! I’m going to have to go eBay diving over the next couple of weeks to find all the back issue figures and parts, because I have completionism OCD, and also because these are pretty awesome figures. Take the jump

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DCReviewTerror Titans

Because we’ve already read Countdown: Arena Wow.  If DC gets any more screwed up with its timeline, we’re going to need some kind of crisis to fix…it… all… well crap.  Here then is another title that is set in the current fiasco of the DC Universe, that attempts to expand the timeline, but only succeeds in causing the continuity junkies to freak out.  For those into villains, this issue delivers as Sean McKeever returns  us to the Dark Side Club.

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Top Cow

Top Cow has announced the winners of the 2008 Pilot Season event is none other than Twilight Guardian by Troy Hickman and Reza, and Genius by Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman, with art by Afua Richardson.

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