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Action Labs EntertainmentSneak Peek

Action Lab Entertainment sent Major Spoilers this sneak peek of Oblivion #1 by Tim Seeley, Romina Moranelli, and Marcelo Costa.

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The release date for Oblivion is now less than a month away, which means it is time to jump media into high gear, and with a majority of the country glued to the television with March Madness happening currently there is no better time to run movie spots. Take the jump to watch the two latest for Oblivion.

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Earlier this morning you were treated to the first poster from the upcoming sci-fi film ,starring Tom Cruise, Oblivion. Now that you have had a few hours to soak that in it’s time to see what you can expect to watch on the big screen. Take the jump for the first official trailer for Oblivion.

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Late last week, Radical Studios released the first poster for the upcoming Tom Cruise movie, Oblivion, released through Universal Pictures.

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MoviesRadical Publishing

Press Release The Coming out of San Diego Comic-Con International, Radical Publishing is proud to announce that Joseph Kosinski, director of the upcoming Tron Legacy, is slated to direct Oblivion as a full-length feature film, based on the upcoming hardcover book also created by the director. Oblivion will be produced by Kosinski alongside Radical Publishing’s President and Publisher Barry Levine, filmmaker David Fincher (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and Anonymous Content’s David Morrison. Radical Publishing’s Executive Vice President Jesse Berger is attached as executive producer. Set in the distant future, Oblivion revolves around a court-martialed soldier who is exiled

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