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DCFeaturedReviewWonder Woman

Or – “Black Canary Said It, Not Me…” Wonder Woman as a character has always been more successful than Wonder Woman as a comic book, or a series.  The iconic imagery and power that people associate with Princess Diana, from Linda Carter to underoos to Superfriends and back is seldom easily captured in her comics.  Aside from a delightful Kurt Busiek miniseries 20 years ago, some Denny O’Neil issues in the early 70’s, and the George Perez revamp, I’ve seldom found the character to work for me.  Still, I’ve been onboard with the WW revamp for several years, with varying

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Black LightningDCReview

When it all went to hell For the most part, the Year One stories from DC Comics tend to follow the origin stories of the characters with a little extra thrown in for taste.  In the case of Black Lightning, it looks like an entire retcon is taking place.  The Tobias Whale plot is still there, but toss in a dose of magic and mysticism, and Talia al Ghul and you’ve got a very different story from the one you read in the 1970’s.

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BatmanDCDenny O'NeilReview

When the Bat’s away… yada…yada…yada… Nightwing down?  Pizza Boy only hope for rescue?  Gordon and Bullock weepy over Batman?  Who is that girl in the tattered rags?  What the hell?  None of this makes sense from the previous issue…  Time to tune in for the latest installment of a world without Batman. (Cue organ music.)

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BatmanDCDenny O'NeilDetective ComicsNightwingReviewTwo-Face

Apparently Batman is dead, but you’d never know it if you’ve been reading Detective Comics for the last year or so.  The plausible exit created by Paul Dini at the end of last issue, leads naturally to the events Denny O’Neil uses in Detective Comics #851.  Batman dead?  Unlikely, so why mourn the loss here?  Instead, O’Neil uses the time to tell a good Detective story.

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DCGreen LanternMoviesWarner Bros.

Dark or not, Green Lantern is well into production, and in an interview with MTV, Marc Guggenheim gave the low down on what Green Lantern stories inspired the movie. “Certainly ‘Emerald Dawn’ was one of the things that we read at the outset,” said Guggenheim when asked about the connection between spoiler and screenplay. Of course, looking to “Dawn” only reveals one piece of the puzzle. Also included will be characterization from the 1970’s Neal Adams/Denny O’Neil comics dealing with drug use and other social issues, the Dave Gibbons era, and we might also see elements from Geoff Johns recent

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