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Editor’s Note: The following is from the diary of Major Spoilers’ Number One Fan, Julian, as he adventures forth in an attempt to win the Major Spoilers’ Julian Challenge. Friday, Friday, Friday! For some reason I always feel less tired on Friday than I do on Thursday. Go figure.  Well enough about my toils, onto the poster updates!

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We talked about this some time ago, but DC has announced that G4’s Attack of the Show Blair Butler is Booster Gold’s Number One Fan. When we first ran the fan club image, some of the Major Spoilerite Legion wanted to get the image on a T-Shirt.  Well, your wish is granted thanks to Graphitti Designs.  While the shirts are on sale at the San Diego Comic Con now, let’s hope the shirt is available through Previews or other outlets in the near future. via The Source

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DC teases us this morning with only a small portion of the cover to Booster Gold #23.  Who would have thought Booster Gold would have a fan club and that he would have a number one fan.  DC promises to share more of the cover image as the issue release date approaches. via The Source

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