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DCTrade PaperbackWatchmen

DC must be tickled pink over the Watchmen Trailer Effect.  Sales for the trade paperback have skyrocketed since July, and the book took a double dip at the top selling graphic novels for December.  Watchmen took the number 1 and number 3 spots on BookScan USA’s graphic novel list, with the paperback taking the top spot, and the newly released hard cover coming in third. Even though Watchmen is soaring high, Naruto still dominates the list with volumes taking the number 2, 5, 11 spots. via ICv2

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MarvelUltimate AvengersUltimate Fantastic FourUltimate Iron ManUltimate OriginsUltimate Spider-ManUltimate X-MenUltimatesultimatum

Marvel sent its own Top 5 list to Major Spoilers, letting everyone know why you must read Ultimatum. I especially like number 1 – FOREVER! (until the next big event).  Is anyone else tired of that phrase’s overuse?  I also like number 5, as it means no more annoying Mary Jane… or does it?  I half expect that to mean everyone will become mutants. Ultimatum #1 arrives November 5, 2008, and features a cover price of $3.99. via Marvel

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CountdownDCFinal CrisisReview

or, OH thank HEAVENS it is finally over! With a sigh of relief I opened the pages of the last issue of Countdown, and with a similar sigh I closed them a few minutes later. They had not finished badly, as previous issues had suggested they might. Though they finished leaving me baffled, it was not “bad.” Countdown, issue number 1 (or 52, whatever), both finished off the Countdown saga, and paved a few stepping stones for Final Crisis.

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AnimationcartoonCWKids WBSpider-ManTelevision

According to Nielsen Research Media, The Spectacular Spider-Man scored high for a Saturday morning rating time slot. The premiere episode scored a 1.2/3 household rating, a 20 percent gain over the same time period a year ago, and marked a 25 percent growth in the Kids 2-11 demographic compared to a week previous. Even more interesting is the second episode in the back to back premiere scored a 1.4/5 mark for the 2-11 demographic. What does all this mean? The first number (1.4) represents the percentage of all televisions in the nation, while the second number (5) is the percentage

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