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For Honor, Friend. With the new Star Trek movie just around the corner, there is the potential for the franchise to spring to life once again, with fans, new and old, looking for the further adventures of Wagon Train in Space.  Instead of always reading the future adventures through the eyes of the Federation, IDW Publishing’s Alien Spotlight series takes a look at some of the more well known non-human characters.  This week, the bright light shines upon the Klingons, and a long lived warrior.

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What exactly goes on behind the iron curtain of superheroes? Sure we get to see Bruce brooding in his cave, Clark attempting to have a normal life with Lois, Wally and family trying to cope with their particular lifestyle, but all of these views are from the perspective of the writer, not the person living in the world of the heroes. It is surprising that there are not more stories that focus on the celebrity aspect of superheroes and the lengths those heroes will go through to keep their private life separate from their hero identity. Fortunately, Noble Causes from

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