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Or – “Sir, I Protest! I Am NOT A Merry Man!!!” Once again, we’ve come to the situation where Stately Spoilers Manor contains far more comics than there are days to review ’em, leading once again unto the Final Frontier… NUQNEH – NOOKNEHH! Phasers on summarize!

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Or – “How Much Do You Want To Be A Super-Human?” Many years ago, I managed to track down a leather-bound copy of a book entitled “The Encyclopedia of Super-Heroes.”  It listed, in ridiculous detail, as many of the superheroes created between 1938 and 1984 or so as the writer could possibly document, from Superman and Batman down to one-shot wonders like Butterfly and Hell-Rider, to advertising characters like Bud-Man.  Since then, I’ve often wondered how difficult it would be to update that volume, since the 90’s comic boom created thousands of guys whose names are synonyms for “fight,” and

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