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Everyone who loves super-heroes knows this story: Steve Rogers a 28 year old polio-afflicted young man from Redondo Beach, California is brought into the armed forces by Italian defector Dr. Maria Vasselli to become a Super Soldier. His goal? To defeat the Nazi’s own supersoldier, an Italian mutant known as the Red Skull! Wait, what?

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I’m going to let you decide if this is a good thing or not, as Marvel announced today that it will bring Foilogram covers for the upcoming relaunch of the Ultimate Comics line. “This is Marvel doing the nineties right,” explained David Gabriel, Marvel Comics Senior Vice President of Sales & Circulation. “We’re taking two of the most popular cover treatments of all time—foil and holograms—to create an all new kind of cover, as a ‘thank-you’ to fans who’ve been demanding this kind of variant! Retailers and fans don’t need to worry.  We’re only doing this on a limited basis. 

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Image Comics

Press Release In an unprecedented move, writer Robert Kirkman and illustrator Ryan Ottley have made a cryptic, semi-confident promise that INVINCIBLE #63 might be kind of a big deal for reasons they wouldn’t say and plan to back it up with a special Wednesday shipment direct to comic shops!

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Editor’s Note: To tie in with the question we posed to readers earlier, we’re giving our very own Marlowe Lewis a chance to slip into the Marvel Editor in Chief chair and have an imagined conversation with Jeph Loeb over the latest issue of Ultimatum #4.

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Archie ComicsSneak Peek

Archie Comics has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the upcoming Archie Americana Series: Best of the Ninties, featuring fan favorites from a decade ago. Painstakingly restored from original archival materials and faithfully re-colored, this high-grade paperback edition features a computer-airbrushed cover rendered in 1990s style by Archie fan-favorite, Rex Lindsey.

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