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Boom Studios

Boom! Studios is on a role lately with all the properties it has been acquiring to turn into comics.  Announced over the weekend that the first title released in the partnership with Fox Atomic Comics will be the running zomibe thriller 28 Days Later. Initial launch story will be firmly based in 28 DAYS LATER continuity with the first arc focusing on Selena. Bridging the gap between 28 DAYS LATER and 28 WEEKS LATER, a few key questions will be answered along the way: what happened to Selena after 28 DAYS LATER? How did Selena happen upon the machete she

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20th Century FoxBoom StudiosPress Release

If Boom! Studios was the company to watch in 2008, then the company is the one to cause the bigger companies to quake in 2009 as the company continues to make major announcements left and right.  The latest has Fox Atomic, a division of 20th Century Fox, teaming up with Boom! for a Fox Atomic Comics imprint under the Boom! banner. Check out the entire press release for the full details.

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