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Set in Chicago among escalating racial tension between citizens and police officers, Nighthawk follows the vigilante as he fights crime and corruption.  This dark and violent book could possibly be called “Marvel’s Batman”, but is there more going on inside?  Read your Major Spoilers review to find out!

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Marvel has released another look at the upcoming Nighthawk #1 by David Walker and Ramon Villalobos.

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Yet another new number one for the all-new all-different Marvel Universe. This time it is the Squadron Supreme written by James Robinson with art by Leonard Kirk.

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All Star WesternDCFeaturedReview

Finally out of Gotham, Jonah Hex and Dr. Arkham have migrated south, and as the title of the book indicates, there are a couple more all-stars that join the line-up this month.

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Or – “How DID Devil-Slayer And Son Of Satan Co-Exist, Anyway?” I give Tony Stark a lot of crap, especially since he turned into Doctor Doom for our own good, but it’s obvious that the man doesn’t understand one whit what makes the Defenders tick. The point of the Non-Team was always that it’s members CHOSE to associate with one another, and then events just sort of occurred AROUND them. Far from being a low-rent Avengers, the Defenders were instead friends and associates who acted heroically in those situations where big-name teams couldn’t have gone or wouldn’t have even bothered.

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