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Poll of the Week
Major SpoilersPoll

One of the main reasons we started the Major Spoilers Poll of the Week is because we wanted to get you involved in the site. The other reason we started the Major Spoilers Poll of the Week is because the poll represents those odd conversations many of us have had at the LCS. This week is no exception as the Borg invade Western Pennsylvania. VOTE!

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Double Take, who are advertisers on Major Spoilers, have released all of its third issues for free. Love the Night of the Living Dead movie? Check out these books.

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Digital ComicsPress Release

Double Take has announced that starting today all 1st and 2nd issues of their 10 inter-connected stories based upon the 1968 cult classic film Night of the Living Dead will be offered free of charge via their website: . 3rd issues will be available in stores starting 2/24 both individually and through their very popular Super Pack which allows the reader to collect all 10 titles for $20.

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Word around Hollywood this morning is the news that Night of the Living Dead, is getting a remake.  Interestingly, the zombie horror film will not involve George Romero, but it will be a 3D CGI origin story.  CGI zombies?  Sign me up. Titled “Night of the Living Dead: Origins,” the re-imagining is being directed by newcomer Zebediah de Soto and produced by Simon West and Simon West Productions president Jib Polhemus. As much as I like the zombie genre (my Kung-Fu- Zombie-Western movie is still in the works), I can’t help but wonder what an all CGI zombie flick will

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Action FiguresToys

Fans of dolls action figures probably shed a little tear of joy when EMCE Toys brought back the Star Trek and Planet of the Apes figures based on the original MEGO molds. The company has decided to go a step further by getting some of the original MEGO gang back together to develop an original line of figures based on The Night of the Living Dead. In time for the film’s 40th anniversary, figures based on the Graveyard Zombie, hero Ben, damsel-in-distress Barbra and iconic undead child Karen Cooper will be released throughout 2008. Graveyard Zombie and Ben will be

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