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Baywatch is the show that would never die in the 90s! So let’s dig deep into the slow motion before the movie hits with Nick Mundy –

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The Red Shirt Diaries twenty-five episode airs today and it is based on the classic: The Devil in the Dark. Scotty and Lieutenant Mundy need to collect spare parts from Ensign Williams quarters to save the day!

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The Red Shirt Diaries has released the third clip from it’s second season – The Best Engineer in Starfleet. In this clip Ensign Williams (Ashley Victoria Robinson), has brief altercation with a new engineer who will be introduced to the series this season played by Nick Mundy (The Screen Junkies Show, Conan). The Red Shirt Diaries season 2 premiers on Monday, September 14th over at!  

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If you loved The Red Shirt Diaries – Season One as much as we did, then you are in for a treat, as Season Two is just around the corner, and Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson have released the first trailer!

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