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Author’s Note: Random Access Memory is me looking back at the specific comics that shaped my life. Each month I go back in time – in five year intervals – to examine key comics that came out those months. (The idea is that after five years of monthly columns, I will have covered an entire lifetime – in this case, fifty years – of reading comics.) I also list all the comics I read that particular month. This will afford readers the opportunity to chastise me for not reading specific comics, and/or laugh at the horrible, horrible choices I made

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It wasn’t long ago that I reviewed the return of Nexus from Mike Baron and Steve Rude. Well, now another creation of Mr. Baron’s is back, and he hasn’t missed a beat even though it’s been a long time since I’ve read Badger!

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When I talk with people who work in the comics industry, I’ll often ask them where they think we’re going. Will we end up all digital all the time? No digital at all? A mix? Honestly, nobody knows at this point. Well, one of my very favorite comics is back, this time as a comic strip. And I couldn’t be happier!

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Seems like everyone is getting in on the card battle game action, and Marvel just upped the game with a brand new update to its Marvel: War of Heroes mobile game.

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Or – “Maybe This One Is More Of A Protagonist History?” Many years ago, I gathered all my belongings into a Pontiac Gran Prix (borrowed from my mom, mind you) and took off for the wilds of Western Kansas for college. I learned a great many things in those ensuing 7 years: The smell of anti-freeze can be bad. Buffalo don’t like it when you taunt them with hamburgers. Vampires make terrible roommates. Always date a cougar, and a cougar from another country is a plus. But I apparently taught a few things as well, as when I rekindled the

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This past weekend, Steve Rude sent out an update on the status of his Nexus series. Nexus 101 is completed and Nexus 102 is awaiting a final script.  Pencils are completed.  Once the inks are completed the book will go into solicitation.  At this point we anticipate being able to give all the solicitation information to Diamond in January which would be for March Previews and a May release date. It’s been forever since we read and reviewed Nexus 100, and now May can’t come fast enough. via Steve Rude

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