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It worked for Battlestar Galactica, so why not try it with another television series from days gone by?  The Syfy Channel is looking to remake Alien Nation into a new updated television series. “Alien Nation” centers on the partnership between a veteran cop and his alien detective partner, set against the larger tale of alien “newcomers” who move to Earth and attempt to assimilate into society. Tim Miner of Angel, X-Files, Firefly, and Strange World fame is currently writing the first script. Alien Nation was a very good movie, and an intriquing television series as it gave the creators a

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Sneak PeekTop Cow

Next week, the first ever Witchblade Annual arrives on the store shelves, and Top Cow has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek, that features a murder mystery in which hot girls are dying all over the city.

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