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This year at the San Diego Comic-Con, Dark Horse Comics is giving attendees a chance to snatch up an exclusive Domo “Qee” transparent variant.  The only place to get your hands on the NHK television mascot is to attend the convention (or just wait until it appears on eBay the week after). The Domo Qee program, to be launched nationwide in August, is Dark Horse’s first try at the popular “blind box” or “mystery box” format. Individual figures are packed in small boxes; the only way to know which particular figure is inside a particular box is to purchase and

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Yeah, when you first see the picture you’re probably all “What The F?!”, which is probably followed by a lot of laughter.  The Christian hardcore don’t find it funny at all, and think Marvel is promoting a gay agenda. It looks like our homo supporting friends over at Marvel have created a new toy to encourage young boys to perform mouth to mouth in a non holy way to a blow up toys twiddle rompus! We might as well line our children up and burn them ourselves! If we make these types of devil pleasing acts ok they will all

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Things get a bit trippy Usually seeing a kid’s opened cranium would be enough raise the ire of the Major Spoilers crew, but in the case of Locke & Key: Head Games #3, Bode’s open head is enough to convince his siblings, that something strange is afoot in Lovecraft.

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