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Kyle Baker posted this image of Isaiah Bradley from Baker and Morales’  Truth: Red, White & Black series.  Baker tagged the image with “For an upcoming Marvel gig”.  Could this be the answer to the big secret of Reborn #1 and Captain America #600 that has everyone in a twitter lately?  There has been a lot of speculation about a black Captain America since the first star-on-black-background image was pushed out from the House of Ideas a couple of months ago. The speculators have further claimed the July 13 early release date is also going to tie into the announcement

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Image ComicsInvinciblePreview

With the new direction Image Comics’ Invincible took in issue #50, one would expect the sales to drop off a little bit, but according to creator Robert Kirkman, that’s not the case. “It’s tradition for the issue after a milestone like fifty to taper off, but it certainly wasn’t the case here,” said Kirkman. “In fact, the combination of INVINCIBLE’s new costume, new sidekick and the totally kick-ass cover by Jim Lee made this the best selling issue yet. Having this sell so well after we blew through issue fifty showed me the series is healthier than its ever been.”

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