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Press Release 12 GAUGE COMICS is locked, loaded, and ready to take on Comic-Con!  We’ll be previewing upcoming comics (both on the page and “in-motion”), announcing new titles, giving away lots of cool freebies, reviewing portfolios and more!  Make sure to check us out in our new location, Booth #2045.

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It’s so much more fun, when you just open your mind… The first issue of Locke & Key: Head Games was a prologue meant to ease readers back into the groove of the weird happening in Lovecraft, Mass. Issue #1 featured Lucas Caravaggio (under the guise of Zack Wells) reveal his master plan – he plans to kill all those who did him wrong all those years ago.  And while Joe Hill kept the Locke kids out of the picture last go around, they take center stage once again.

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