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20th Century FoxBoom StudiosPress Release

If Boom! Studios was the company to watch in 2008, then the company is the one to cause the bigger companies to quake in 2009 as the company continues to make major announcements left and right.  The latest has Fox Atomic, a division of 20th Century Fox, teaming up with Boom! for a Fox Atomic Comics imprint under the Boom! banner. Check out the entire press release for the full details.

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Marvel has sent out a press release detailing the upcoming release of the Wolverine and the X-Men Heroes Return Trilogy DVD, scheduled to arrive on April 21, 2009. Press release follows:

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comic convention

The Wednesday Night and Thrusday schedule for the San Diego Comic-Con has been posted on the Interwebnets.  Take the jump for the rundown, and please note that of everything happening at the Con on the two days that have been announced 32 of the events are related to movies and television, 6 web comic and podcasting, 1 opera, 24 panels devoted to a particular celebrities, creators, and artists, 6 panels for gaming, 17 company panels, 13 theory or history panels, 4 devoted to toys and collectibles, 9 “how-to” panels, 7 manga and anime, and 4 Star Wars and Star Trek

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