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DCPeter J. TomasiReviewThe Mighty

It’s like 1938 all over again This week saw the release of The Mighty from DC Comics.  While the series is from DC, it is not set on New Earth (or whatever they hell they’re calling it after Final Crisis), but it does feature a hero who might as well be Superman. Are readers tired of the Superman mythos?  The strongest man in the world protecting those less fortunate than he seems like a great premise, but it really depends on how that character views himself among mere mortals.

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dan jurgensDCReviewSuperman's Reign

It just got really weird You know what has really been missing in DC Comics since the end of 52?  A whole slew of mutliverse stories.  Sure, there’s that whole cluster bomb that is Final Crisis and Superman Beyond 3D that touches on a multiverse, and there has been an ongoing tale featuring Superman from Earth-22 in JSA, but that story took place on New Earth.  It could be argued Trinity is a multiverse story, in that it features the Riddler from the Antimatter universe, but the series has turned more into an alternate timeline story than one that takes

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DCReviewSuperman's Reigntangent

Big Battle Coming Right Up The Tangent Universe is one of those fifth week events that introduced a new group of heroes from a parallel – or rather a tangent – universe.  We were introduced to the likes of the Green Lantern, Flash, and others, who had similar powers but were not the heroes we know. Tangent Earth is nothing like New Earth.  Sure it has the same land masses, the similar characters, but on New Earth, Superman hasn’t taken control of the planet and isn’t subjugating his will on everyone.  So what happens when Harvey Dent (Tangent Earth Superman)

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Parallel world’s are not always a good thing I find it ironic that I sat down to read Tangent: Superman’s Reign #8, and then less than an hour later found myself watching the latest episode of Nova talking about Hugh Everett and his parallel theory of quantum physics.  I would hate to think the events were a coincidence, but it does make you wonder what would happen if someone were given the powers of Superman and decided to end all the world’s problems.

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DCFinal CrisisGrant MorrisonReview

“You know what?  Whatever…” As I’ve mentioned before, Final Crisis is not the best crisis DC has ever put out.  As issue three hits the stands, some questions are answered, but the overall feeling of the entire series is still something that doesn’t quite seem to fit with the rest of the DCU.

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Action Comicscomic conventionDCsan diegoSupergirlSuperman

The Superman Man of Tomorrow panel was the first presentation from DC, and featured Senior Editor Matt Idelson, Superman writer James Robinson and artist Renato Guedes, Action Comics’ Geoff Johns and artist Joe Prado, artist Jamal Igle and writer Sterling Gates from Supergirl.

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