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Ten Things
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Destiny can be a harsh mistress.  For instance, what were the odds that Otto Octavius would end up with eight limbs?  Or John Henry Irons eventually getting covered in Steel?  At least little Eddie Nygma has the excuse that his name created an obsession with riddles, but none of that explains Roy G. Bivolo…  Welcome to Ten Things!

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Image ComicsSpawnTodd McFarlane

Image has announced two of its founds, Todd McFarlane and Whilce Portacio, will return to Spawn this October. Beginning with issue #185 the title character will return to its roots. “While I’m very happy with where Spawn has gone, it’s long past time to inject some new blood into the series while also returning to its roots,” said McFarlane. “I feel what Whilce and I are doing with our co-writer, Brian Holguin, combines the old and the new in a way no one would have expected. That’s a claim which gets tossed around quite a bit in the industry, but

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