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It’s a common phrase among comics’ fans – Death in comics is only temporary!

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Last month, I reviewed the final issue of Batman coming to us from the dynamic duo of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. Just to wrap things up, I thought I would review the 52nd issue of Batman, the last one as part of The New 52 from DC. So here goes!

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The DC Rebirth panel just wrapped, and if you watched the live stream there was certainly a lot to take in. Here’s a rundown of our big takeaways from the event.

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A couple of weeks back, I talked about the struggles retailers were having when ordering the books they would be selling. That included DC’s Convergence, two months in which titles would appear that might exist only during that time. Well, as reported right here at, DC announced on Friday how they’re going to proceed after the Convergence event.

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With Multiversity in full swing, and convergence just around the corner, DC Comics has announced 24 new ongoing titles will join 25 regular titles coming in June.

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Wonder Woman Origin
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For a superheroine who’s been around since the Golden Age of comic books, Wonder Woman never had an origin reboot until 2011. The story was always that Hippolyta wanted a child, crafted one from clay and wept over the child all night until she emerged as a micro version of the Diana Prince we know and love. In one of the best moves of the inception of DC’s New 52 universe, writer Brian Azzarello grounds her conception and birth – for lack of a better word. Now, Wonder Woman is an illegitimate daughter of Zeus – a demi goddess among

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Why I Wouldnt Wonder Feature Image
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All girls like Wonder Woman. It’s practically an adage in the comic book community. Well, I’m a woman who had zero interest in Wonder Woman, Diana Prince or whatever else you wanted to call her until a few short weeks ago. Let me explain to you why I wouldn’t wonder and where my conversion lies.

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DCFeaturedJason Reads ComicsReview

This week, I review all the DC Comics released in a new episode of Jason Reads Comics!

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DCFeaturedRed RobinReviewTeen Titans

After the briefest of hiatus, the DCU’s resident team of legacy character returns with more of an annoyingly angsty shout than anything else in a disappointing first issue.

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DCFeaturedFutures EndReview

My semi-sorta-weeklyish check-ins with the oppressive dystopian future of the New 52 is back on this week, and all the readers are wondering: Can Terry McGinnis keep these terrible events from occurring, or are our heroes doomed?  Your Major Spoilers review of The New 52: Futures End #7 awaits!

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Okay, who’s your favorite comics hero? Does he or she have super-powers or not? Then look over the other characters you like. Do they follow the same pattern? Because comics can make special effects happen rather inexpensively, it seems we’ll always have most of the books feature people with powers. But more and more comics are starring those who have no unusual talents or at least who don’t wear costumes. Me, I prefer non-powered people to those with abilities far beyond those of mortal men. There are several reasons for that.

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DCFeaturedFutures EndReview

In a future world that’s coming, Green Arrow is dead.  Now, the rest of the world’s heroes have come to pay their respects…  Raise your hand if you think there’ll be a Pier Six brawl!  Your Major Spoilers review of The New 52: Futures End #2 awaits!

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As reported by site head honcho Stephen Schleicher recently, Zack Snyder has been chosen to direct a Justice League movie, which will follow the unofficially named movie Batman vs. Superman.

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The savagery of Man-Bat reaches a horrifying peak in this final issue of the series!

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