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More movie release news from the same studio bringing Gambit in 2016. Michael Fassbender, a Fantastic Four sequel, and the follow up to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes all in 2016!

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We were able to get a long look at Star Wars Rebels with the extended trailer that Disney released last week, but now we can get a look ahead at was coming for season one with the latest footage shown at SDCC.

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Now that HBO’s huge success True Detective finished last night, it is time for company to push the advertising for the upcoming series of Game of Thrones. Check out the new Season Four trailer now!

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My parents were always adamant about us not having portable gaming systems, but when Pokemon Blue and Red came out my brother and I went on a year long pleading spree until we finally got some Game Boy Colors and a copy of each. Since then my interest in Pokemon has waned, but I’ve always kept the game in my thoughts. Which of course leads to analysis, which leads to contemplation of things that bother me about the game. So I sat down and thought to myself. If I was given control of the Pokemon franchise, what would I do

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Looney Tunes There Goes the Neighborhood
FeaturedReviewVideoWarner Bros.

  The Looney Tunes are back! But can this show recapture the old Warner Brothers Animation magic? Or is it just a pale shadow of the hilarity that was? Well? Take the jump so I can tell you!

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If you’ve been following the spoilers for the new Magic: The Gathering set “Avacyn Restored” you may have noticed that there was something very familiar about the angels they have showcased. Take the jump to see the connection.

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Cartoons are awesome, and a big part of cartoons is that show open. Superman flies around, cheetara beats up some mutants and Ash tries to catch some pokemans, all while some rockin’ music plays. This is not a list of ‘the greatest animated shows’ just the greatest opening sequences! What follows is a list of animated show intros, each more awesome than the last.

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Casual 60FeaturedGamingMagic: The Gatheringwizards of the coast

Magic 2012 is here and it looks to be an excellent core set so far. One of the cards that I’m most excited about is Adaptive Automaton, since it gives us a ‘lord’ creature for any tribe. What does that mean? Well, that means that you can throw an eighth elf lord into your elfball deck, but it also means that creature types that previously were not covered can now get some +1/+1 action.

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