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Even though we won’t be seeing Preacher on HBO, Preacher will see his day in the movie theaters thanks to Columbia Pictures striking a deal with Vertigo.  As exciting as this news might be, this is only a purchase of the rights.  While Sam Mendes has been hired to direct the adaptation, no writers have been hired to pen the adaptation. On the plus side, Sam Mendes did direct Road to Perdition, so there is hope this could turn into a really great movie.  Also on the plus side are producers Neal Moritz and Jason Netter who are also working

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Disney has announced it has acquired the rights to the graphic novel Monster Attack Network by Mark Bernardin and Adam Freeman.  MAN takes place on a Pacific island populated by giant monsters and the team of adventurers that deal with them. The film will be produced by Jason Netter, who produced this summer’s Wanted. via THR

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