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It’s landmark Episode 300 of the Wayne’s Comics Podcast! To celebrate, I’m sharing the great interviews I recorded at this year’s New York Comic Con with many great DC Comics creators.

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This past weekend, I attended one of my favorite cons, the 2017 edition of the Baltimore Comic-Con! Something happened that distracted from the event… for the second year in a row!

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Bloodshot Salvation #1 Variants
BloodshotValiant ComicsVariant

When Bloodshot Salvation #1 arrives, be on the lookout for variant covers by Dave Johnson, Glenn Fabry, Neal Adams, Cully Hammer, and Giuseppe Camuncoli.

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Dynamite EntertainmentMighty MouseSolicitations

Dynamite Entertainment has announced Mighty Mouse is returning to comics this June with cover art by Alex Ross and Neal Adams.

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The Last Boy On Earth is in the clutches of Lord Caesar, king of the tigers, who has possession of an ancient device that he thinks will give him ultimate power.  Turns out, it’s actually an atomic warhead…  This will all end in tears, I know it.  Your Major Spoilers review of The Kamandi Challenge #2 awaits!

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Baltimore Comic Concomic conventionFeatureFeatured

Wayne Hall attended the Baltimore Comic Con this past weekend, and shares his experiences at the convention.

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Final battle with Apokalips, but does even Superman have the wherewithal to bring Darkseid to heel?  Your Major Spoilers review of Superman: The Coming Of The Supermen #6 awaits!

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DCFeaturedNeal AdamsSuperman

Cover gimmicks date back to the earliest days of comics, be it stunt-artists, strange substances (cardboard, Tyvek, chromium-tungsten alloys) or the dreaded variant edition.  But legendary artist Neal Adams may have given us the best cover gimmick of all back in ’78 on the Treasury-Sized ‘Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali’, thanks to the magic of his oversized canvas: More than 150 celebrity cameos! (To avoid eyestrain, I recommend right-clicking and opening in a new tab.) With guest stars ranging from the Teen Titans to the sitting President Of The United States, this cover is a tour de force of rendering madness

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DCFeaturedRetro ReviewReviewSuperman

This week, the world lost a legend.  But, Faithful Spoilerites, did you realize that Muhammad Ali once went toe-to-toe with Superman for the fate of the entire world?  And did you know it was also awesome?  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali (aka All-New Collectors Edition C-56) awaits!

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FeaturedPacific ComicsRetro ReviewReview

On a recent Major Spoilers Podcast, I referred once again to the worst delay after a cliffhanger in my comic-reading life, but it occurred to me that most Spoilerites have NO idea what I’m referring to…  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Ms. Mystic #2 awaits!

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Continuity ComicsFeaturedRetro ReviewReview

When it comes to superhero comics, you ain’t got a thing if you ain’t got that swing Shared Universe.  Wanna see the foundation upon which Continuity Comics was formed?  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of The Revengers Featuring Megalith #1 awaits!

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