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In the mid-to-late 1980’s I stumbled across Dave Steven’s Rocketeer comics. Not only did it feature a guy flying around fighting Nazi’s it also had some sweet Bettie Page pin-up art too. Granted, The Rocketeer isn’t really a true pulp hero, but the spirit is there and I include him in the genre… Hey, it’s my site, I’ll do what I want (wink). Instead of featuring Dave Stevens’ art, I figured I’d showcase other artists inspired by the late great one.  This piece was done by Joel Ojeda Lopez, and looks really great in the composition and design. To really

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Major Spoilers

I don’t know how I ended up getting so far behind on this stuff – I think it was either the three day weekend, or the first week of being back in the classroom, but regardless, tonight on the Major Spoilers Podcast, we’ll be discussing Hellboy: Seed of Destruction during the show. From Amazon: When strangeness threatens to engulf the world, a strange man will come to save it. Sent to investigate a mystery with supernatural overtones, Hellboy discovers the secrets of his own origins, and his link to the Nazi occultists who promised Hitler a final solution in the

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Red 5 ComicsSolicitations

Red 5 Comics has sent Major Spoilers the cover images and solicitation information for titles shipping in August 2008. This month features the return of my favorite Red 5 Comics characters – Atomic Robo!

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