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Image ComicsSneak Peek

Marcus Perry posted a sneak peek of the upcoming Descendant series over in the Major Spoilers Forum. Instead of keeping the goodness only for those select few who have taken the time to register and join, I figured why not share it with everyone.

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Image ComicsPress Release

Press Release This July, indie superhero favorite writers Michael Dolce and Marcus Perry join illustrator Mariano Navarro and cover artist Tyler Kirkham for their three issue mini-series exploring the dangerous side of superpowers, DESCENDANT. “It’s very hard to find a new spin on superpowers, but I think Mike, Marcus and Mariano have done it,” Image Comics Vice-President Jim Valentino said. “DESCENDANT is completely different than any other book on the stands, but will be a big hit with fans of SLEEPER, CAPTAIN AMERICA and SECRET WARRIORS while surprising them like no other book can.” In DESCENDANT Rayne Santiago, a United

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