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Review 8.0

Dancing with the Dragon #1 Review

Conner wanted to make life better for Blythe and ended up in a life of crime. But when he crossed the Triads, his world is turned upside down! Find out more in Dancing with the Dragon #1 by Scout Comics! 

Review The Last Witch #5 Review 7.0

The Last Witch #5 Review

The final battle is here and Saoirse must use all her power against Badb! Will she be able to overcome her enemy? Find out in The Last Witch #5 by BOOM! Studios.

Review 9.0

The Last Witch #4 Review

Saoirse was able to defeat the water witch and sets her eyes on the next target. Will she be able to defeat the wind witch Badb? Find out in The Last Witch #4 by BOOM! Studios! 

Review 8.7

The Last Witch #3 Review

Saoirse, Brahm, and Nan arrived at Ballydoolin to fight against Bronagh, the Water Witch. Will she be able to tap into her Witchmark to defeat her? Find out in The Last Witch #3 from BOOM! Studios.

Review Ghosted in LA #10 Review 9.0

Ghosted in LA #10 Review

Just when everything had settled down, a mysterious force in the basement of Rycroft Manor pulls Agi away and upsets everything! Intrigued? Find out more in Ghosted in L. A. #10 from BOOM! Box.