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Time for some filler During the long dark tea time between Batman RIP and the actual beginning of Battle for the Cowl, Batman fans are looking everywhere to get their Bat-Fix, and DC delivers this week with Gotham Gazette #1. It’s not really a newspaper, and the menagerie of stories inside really don’t fit a newspaper format, but it does fill that void since the last appearance of Batman.

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Horror updated for modern times Any fan of Lovecraft knows the tale of Dr. Herbert West, heck they even made a movie about it.  But what of those who weren’t around in 1921 and ’22, or who didn’t get the chance to see the brilliant Jeffrey Combs portray the Re-Animator in the three movies?  Zenescope Entertainment is taking the Lovecraft tale and bringing it to the modern day, complete with disgruntled doctors, reagents, and the dead come to life.

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and Cthulhu and mad scientists and a bunch of stupid people I can’t believe I’m still reading, yet alone reviewing, this series from DC Comics.  The premise is simple; Superman and Batman taking on Vampires and Werewolves.  It’s too bad the first two issues were missing one of the title characters.  Does this issue deliver the goods as the title proclaims?  And then some.  In this case, though, it isn’t a good thing.

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