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The comic book series Emo Boy is headed to the big screen via John H. Williams Vanguard Films.  The movie will be written by the series writer-artist, Stephen Edmond and is being directed by Kyle Newman, of the upcoming Fanboys film. Emo is a fashion and music style as well as emotional description of someone who is overly sensitive or angst-ridden. Published by Slave Labor Graphics, the satirical comic followed the travails of the most self-dramatizing young man in the history of the world, whose emotions were so intense he even had “emo powers.” If you need further proof that

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Top Cow

Top Cow has announced the winners of the 2008 Pilot Season event is none other than Twilight Guardian by Troy Hickman and Reza, and Genius by Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman, with art by Afua Richardson.

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Sneak PeekTop Cow

Arriving in stores this week is the third installment of Top Cow’s Pilot Season 2008 books – Genius, written by Mark Bernardin and Adam Freeman, with art by Afua Richardson. Top Cow has provided Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the issue, that you can see after the jump.

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SolicitationsTop Cow

Top Cow has sent Major Spoilers the solicitations and cover images for titles shipping in June 2008. Things to look out for include the Freshman HC, and summer special, and several convention specials.

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