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Sneak Peek The Death of Nancy Drew #1

[Preview] The Death of Nancy Drew #1

Teen detectives Frank and Joe Hardy have investigated many crimes in their lives, but nothing that hits this close to home. Take the jump for a sneak peek of The Death of Nancy Drew #1 from Dynamite Entertainment.


Nancy Drew is Dead!

 Nancy Drew is dead! Or so it seems, as to celebrate her 90th anniversary the famous literary character’s mysterious fate is investigated in a new monthly comic series published by Dynamite starting in April. Help solve the case in Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys: The Death of Nancy Drew!

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Nancy Drew #5 Review

Bess Marvin has been abducted, and Nancy is beginning to tie the clues together…but can she solve the mystery before Bess ends up at the bottom of Deadman’s Cliff?

Dynamite Entertainment

Nancy Drew #4 Review

One death at Deadman’s Cliff is a tragedy. Two, under very similar circumstances, is a suspicious coincidence. But three? Nancy gets deeper into her investigation, the whole gang goes undercover at a pop-up rave, and Bess goes missing!

Dynamite Entertainment Nancy Drew #3 Review

Nancy Drew #3 Review

Things are getting real in Bayport. Nancy and Pete have found a body, and the murder scene is remarkably like that of Mariana Vega, Pete’s mom, who died seven years ago in the same place. Check out this review of Nancy Drew #3 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Dynamite Entertainment Nancy Drew #3

Nancy Drew #3

Will telling the truth and getting her crime-solving crew involved help crack the Bayport case, before someone else winds up dead? The story continues in Nancy Drew #3 from Dynamite Entertainment.

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